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Patient Safety Leaders Respond to Prosecution of Medication Error


Interesting article on how to better approach #patientsafety, normalizing post-incident investigations and reviews at all levels, and creating a safe, supportive reporting environment.

Those interviewed in the article see the task as necessary but also very complex and challenging.  As an observer, I think there are many ways improvements can be made, but it has to start from the top.   

This will require many changes, including but not limited to; culture shift, leadership getting their hands dirty and being visible on patient floors, staff meetings, and shift changes.  

Similar to the airlines and other occupations with no room for mistakes, healthcare staff needs not to be afraid of punishment or in some cases criminal charges for reporting errors.  The good news is, it's on senior hospital managements radar. That's half the battle.  👍🏼

We are not going to get safer with criminal prosecution,’ says Terry Fairbanks, M.D., M.S., vice president and chief quality and safety officer at MedStar Health. #patientadvocacy #medicalmalpractice #patientsafety #insurance

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