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This book is dedicated to my son, Luke, who learned how to be selfless, compassionate, helpful, and strong at the age of six–with a can-do attitude and a special love for his dog, Grizzy.

Grizzy, a disarmingly good-natured puppy–as large as a house with a spirit to match–is suddenly struck with an immobilizing illness. Luckily, this hefty hound has a best buddy, Luke, a tender-hearted boy who will not let Grizzy give up the fight. Together, with the aid of caring veterinary professionals and Luke’s attentive parents, Grizzy digs deep to find the grit to fight the odds and withstand the challenges of recovery.

Based on a true story, and featuring boldly drawn illustrations by Andrew Thomas, “Me, My Dog and a Sheep,” author Melissa Mullamphy describes the love, grit, and determination her family experienced during Grizzy’s journey and highlights the bond between a boy and his dog. The story offers a gentle lesson on a tough subject – a pet diagnosed with a severe and potentially life-threatening disease – that perseverance and love is the most important medicine of all. Young readers will hang on to every word.



“Mullamphy’s book, based on a true story, shows her families love for the brave dog, and deep gratitude for Veterinary professionals. Readers will cheer at the outcome…”

– Kirkus Reviews

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