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87-Year-Old ICU Patient Goes from Hospice to an Assisted Living Facility

This is a win for the patient, the hospital, the doctor, and the family.  87-year-old female presented with grave symptoms and cognitive impairment.  The Geriatric Specialist treated her for a UTI, which is common for elderly people but often goes untreated and can cause severe symptoms physically and mentally. 

After four days in ICU, being treated by a consistent doctor with a keen eye, this patient went from end-of-life hospice planning to an assisted living facility as he watched her cognitive abilities improve daily and did not give up on her.  Read the full story below.  Thank you, Dr. Kim. 

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Aug 13, 2022

Wow, didn't know a UTI can affect you mentally as well as physically. Thought it was just physically. She got lucky she had such a good doctor. Props to the doc.

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