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News vs Truth

I remember growing up, and there were 2 to 3 channels for news. I usually heard the local NYC 5 o'clock news and broadcasters like Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite, and Dan Rather. My parents listened to one of them around dinner, and there was no 24-hour talking head news cycle until cable news via CNN. 👇🏼 We used antennas, bunny ears, and tin foil for as long as we could. As a kid, I was both the remote and antenna adjuster/hold it right there, girl 😒. 👇🏼 Even through early adulthood, I didn't begin to pay much attention until the first Gulf War and particularly after 9/11. 👇🏼 That attack on American soil in my city changed everything. It turned me into a news junkie. It was such a tragic, violent, and inhumane act I remember being glued to the news all the time. If not on television on my computer. There were no smartphones. I had work colleagues in downtown Manhattan, many friends, and family. There was no phone service. 👇🏼 This tragic attack put fear, anger, and rage in everyday living. It also showed us the best in humanity with our first responders, volunteers, and our military. 👇🏼 Today, you can't get away from the news, talking heads, endless spin, and outright lying from the press to push media and political narratives that they are aligned with or quite frankly twist the facts to get more viewers, retain their base, and push divide. There are no boundaries; nothing is off-limits, and "journalism" as trade has become a dirty game of chess paid for by the highest bidder, and it's getting worse by the day. If you don't follow the flock, you are labeled a radical, anti-something, and worse.

We the People have become a divided group of hypersensitive, overreacting, safe place needing, everyone is offended, nation. 👇🏼 Viewers tend to watch the stations that align with their politics and moral compass, but there is no accountability for the truth. 👇🏼 Smartphones and constant access have just added 100 more flavors and turned anyone with a phone, opinion, and social media platform into an overnight anchor. 👇🏼 I don't know about you, but I detox from the news on a regular basis. The so-called fact-checkers are as jaded as what someone may post on social media. 👇🏼 Sometimes I wish I was still moving around bunny ears with tin foil and hangers versus constant bullshit. 👊🏼

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