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CVS Is Under Fire for Refusing to Fill Opioid Prescriptions

A #classaction lawsuit against CVS for refusing to fill high-dose opioid #prescriptions for a patient can go forward.


So ruled a federal judge this week in development in the legal proceedings reported by Pain News Network. CVS had moved to dismiss the lawsuit, but it lost that battle.

While Judge William Smith agreed to drop #CVS Caremark as a defendant in the lawsuit, he ruled the rest of the case can continue—and it could set a major precedent.

Here lies the problem, there is. no grey. CVS Pharmacy has been sued for filling AND not filling. The #opiodcrisis has created a no win situation and unfortunately there are #chronicpain patients such as this #plaintiff who need such meds to function. She is also a protected class. #ada.

There is no question these drugs are dangerous and #addictive but the alternatives (street purchase) are worse because they are commonly laced. #Fentanyl overdose becomes leading cause of #death for adults age 18 to 45.

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May 15, 2022

We as a country need to find something that's safe as well as effective. What we should have done in the first place. Instead of getting so many people hooked, and possibly dead. Just another way healthcare has failed. Fentanyl is another example of pain medicine crisis. During and after the Vietnam war, veterans were hooked on morphine. Because that was thee top pain med at the time. Now it's this. We are repeating the mistakes of the past. We are not learning, as we should....

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