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Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans ages 18-45

Hospitals don't routinely test for fentanyl — it's time to add to the 'federal five

This is a no-brainer. It should have been done years ago, particularly with today's devastating statistics. Part of this is due to the #opiodcrisis that has not improved over time and the fact that #doctors are inhibited to no prescribe pain management because they are afraid of #liability or losing their license. While we need to watch for #addiction to these very addictive #medications, the other side of it is if #chronicpain #patients can't get a script, they turn to street drugs, non-regulated and often laced with drugs like #fentanyl. 👇🏼 We also need to improve our war on this poison coming into our country. That is a #political problem. Unfortunately, we would rather offer free #paraphernalia like pipes, rigs needles, alcohol swabs, and pipe sharing mouthpieces and enable those suffering from addiction, #mentalillness and commonly #homelessness. 👇🏼 Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans ages 18-45, more than COVID-19 or suicide. Illicit fentanyl is the driver of more than 100,000 drug overdoses in the United States in a 12-month period. This potent drug, 100 times stronger than morphine, has been found in combination with 37 percent of heroin drug poisoning deaths, 40 percent of cocaine overdose deaths, and 25 percent of methamphetamine of overdose deaths. It has been found in counterfeit pills that look like hydrocodone, oxycodone, alprazolam, vaping products, and marijuana. Any drugs purchased outside a pharmacy are at risk for fentanyl contamination.

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Mar 02, 2022

It is political, you are 100% correct. I think it is due to the government trying to hide the fact that it's going on, with it just being a "druggie problem", (hence the accessories handed out). They are definitely trying to cover their butts, that's for sure.. meanwhile our nation suffers from a problem it can't dig it's way out of. This is just like the hippie era all over again. People getting hooked and thus dieing en mass. & The government not really caring. Taking a "it's not my problem" stance. Time to hold the government accountable, and let them now we will not take it, this time...

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