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GoodRx Health

Everything is going up. You need your medications. Have you ever checked out

Attached is a search on Keppra generic XR. It is extended release 500 MG BID. Look at the differences. First look at the cash figures crossed out. This is the subscription 2 month supply. 1 500 tab 2x per day. Location = New York state.

It is a free card #prescription plan you can sign up for #free online. In addition there is a #subscription option for $5.99 per month that offers deep discounts above the free card benefits. I'm not in any way affiliated with this company but I can tell you the $5.99 per month #family (you can add multiple members) price of a specialty coffee at #Starbucks made one of my family members medications go from $330.00 for a 30 day supply with no insurance to $13.30 at Acme supermarket in NYS.

I highly recommend them and they also offer #mailorder if you have a loved one that is older and/or isn't going out a lot due to covid. It's also easier.

It's truly a gamechanger. Why pay #pharma more money? Check it out for yourself.

The same medication without Gold membership. I did not put in a location for this search so prices can vary.

There is a location/medication search engine. One thing I did learn is #CVS is higher than supermarket pharmacies. The same meds, same plan cost $63.00 in CVS but $13.30 at the grocery store in the same town.


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