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High Unemployment During the COVID-19 Pandemic Led to Declines in Prescription Drug Use

For many conditions, medication compliance can be critical in your health and maintaining your overall wellbeing. When people lose their jobs and companies are shut down yet still have to pay high expenses, one of the first things to go is employee benefits and job elimination. This is just another component of how #covidー19 has negatively affected many.


Unemployment is associated with lower prescription drug use due to higher out-of-pocket costs and loss of income. 👇🏼 According to GoodRx Research, the average patient who lost their job and became uninsured in 2020 filled 2.6 fewer prescriptions a year. Those who switched from an employer-sponsored plan to an individually purchased plan filled an average of 1.8 fewer prescriptions per year.

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Feb 25, 2022

That doesn't surprise me. I was just talking about something similar earlier to my therapist, today. People can't afford things like they could before all this bs hit, (Rona), so they are having to make due with less. Cutting meds, (literally taking half of what should be a full pill, for example), because they can't afford their full dose. (To make them stretch, etc). We as a nation of plenty should not have to do this. However this is what we are reduced to, because we can't afford meds if we can't maintain an income. Unfortunately we are in bad times, and it is not going to get any better anytime soon..

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