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I was diagnosed with terminal cancer while giving birth — after I was labeled hypochondriac

Lois Walker, 37, alleges that her shocking diagnosis came after experts dismissed her ongoing symptoms as “anxiety,” calling her a “hypochondriac.”


The new mom from the UK reported experiencing stomach pain for over 12 months — but it took her son Ray being born via C-section in 2021 to get a proper diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

The mother of three said she made 20 calls to her doctor during the pandemic lockdown, as well as repeated trips to the emergency room, only to be prescribed anxiety medications and warned to avoid dairy.

After her doctors finally discovered malignant tumors, she received six rounds of chemotherapy and two operations. However, they now say there is no way to curb the illness from killing her.

This is absolutely unacceptable and medical malpractice. This is why they call it the #silentkiller. Women either self treat for GERD or are wrongly diagnosed and ignored like this poor woman. Now it's too late.

A simple transvaginal sonogram or CA125 would have alerted them. Don't let them ignore you. #findyourvoice #knowovarian #ovariancancer #medicalmalpractice #diagnosis #notinvainapromisekept #patientadvocacy

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