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Improve Cognition and Short Term Memory

I was diagnosed cognitive impairment NOC in 2014.

I had a couple #seizures and head injuries and was still grieving. My first seizure was in January, 2012 and it came out of nowhere. I was not in good shape physically or mentally. In NYS you lose your driver's license for a year if you have a grand mal/tonic clonic.

I went to numerous doctors during that year and was out on epilepsy drugs. Keppra was the first and a rare side effect of Keppra is significant anger/rage. I had it. In fact my #neurologist at Columbia in NYC had never seen such a bad case. I hated the world and had zero patience.

I went off it and switched to Lamictal. It was much better even though all the medications in this family of #anticonvulsants make your affect blunted. Lamictal is also frequently used for bi polar disorder but in smaller doses.

My memory took a bad hit with the couple of seizures that I had. 3 grand male that I know of and I don't know how many petite mals. After seeing many doctors from here to the top clinicians in NYC I found a #TBI expert at Burke Rehab in White Plains, NY.

He spent 3 hours with me and diagnosed cognitive impairment NOC. NOC is not otherwise classified. Organically my #

hippocampus was not equal. One side was bigger than the other and that is what they said predisposed me to develop seizures.

I've been off anticonvulsants for years #stm (short term memory) is still a problem for me. I think it is also related to stress and anxiety.

I can agree with the article below that #meditation helps. There is no right or wrong way to do it but #mindfulness and blocking out all the noise for a couple minutes each day really helps a lot of things. I use the #calm app but there are plenty of resources online. Here is a link if you would like to try 7 days free.

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