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Long Covid and the Elephant in the Room

Long covid exists. I still have no sense of smell from April 2020, but this is an interesting article from the Wallstreet journal. We need to pump the breaks on never-ending untested boosters (unless you consider eight mice as testing) find out the actual #data points in children without #preexisting conditions that were infected, and return to the science of #naturalimmunity and mask effectiveness.


If #bigpharma has its way, we will extend emergency use authorization that protects them from #vaccineinjury litigation.


The National Institutes for Health has been intensely focused on studying long Covid, spending nearly $1.2 billion on the condition. To date, the return on investment has been zero for the people suffering from it. But it’s been terrific for MRI centers, lab testing companies, and hospitals that set up long Covid clinics. I’ve talked to the staff at some of these clinics, and it’s unclear what they are actually offering to people beyond a myriad of tests.


The NIH hasn’t invested nearly as much in studying masks, natural immunity, vaccine complications, boosters in children or even vitamin D, which was found last month to lower Covid mortality—a study that tragically came two years too late.


The most stunning absence of Covid research is in children. After imposing tremendous restrictions on tens of millions of healthy children for nearly two years, no government study or public-health official can tell us how many otherwise healthy children have died of Covid, or even if any have. Dedicating research dollars to magnify Covid complications while ignoring other pressing Covid research questions continues the politicization of the disease.

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