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Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance's mission is "to cure ovarian cancer, advocate for patients, and support survivors."

Through donations, sharing information, funding research, education, fundraising and lobbying the federal government, it is their goal to beat this complex and often fatal disease.

This month my friend Julie is highlighted as an innovator kicking ovarian cancers ass at stage 4.

This is the best part of social media is networking with purpose.

While we have never met in person I consider her a friend and inspiration.

"Julie Hogan, founder of Skin Food Fix, is also committed to making a concrete difference for those who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer—a diagnosis she herself received last year. “I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer during a routine hysterectomy in September 2021,” Julie says. “I refuse to sit around and wait to die. Instead, I work, live my life with my amazing husband and children, and help other women.”

We rise by helping others. She is 1 year post diagnosis in September. She is treating through diet. Basically starving the cancer, eliminating sugar, etc. and winning. 👍🏻

I'm so inspired because I've seen the beast. I put her in touch with a cancer advocate to share her success story.

Thank you #OCRA and thank you Julie. Your a fucking rock star. 👍🏻

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Aug 01, 2022

Get it girl! Cancer in general, no matter the stage, can be cured and beat, with holistic means. It's all about being anti conventional medicine and having natural medicine heal you. Cancer is man made, but if you combat it with what mother nature gives us, we can get past anything.

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