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Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights varies from state to state, but for the most part, they are consistent. consistent nationwide.

The above link is from the American Hospittal Association

The above link is for New York State but the are very similar. When in doubt find your states patient bill of rights.

If you are looking for an insurance-related bill of rights, you might be interested in this information:

Mental Health is in a terrible state. Healthcare is in a terrible state. If you do not hold your ground, ask tough questions, and demand that healthcare providers adhere to your patient rights, you could pay dearly.

The ship is already sinking, as are those that are trying to keep their heads above water and who work in medicine are drowning.

Much of what you are seeing is not the providers' fault, BUT some is, and they need to be held accountable.

If you don't know your patient rights, they are on my website. While they vary by state, the themes are consistent. Here is a summary for New York State.

- access to care (no discrimination based on gender, race, insurance, etc.)

- a respectful, clean, and safe environment

- understand who is in charge of your case and their team, including superiors (positions, function, names)

- receive complete information on your diagnosis and treatment plan

- identify a caregiver to whom the healthcare providers can share information and assist with discharge if applicable

- receive all information to make decisions on treatment, diagnostics, procedures, and medicine) informed consent

- refuse treatment, refuse to take part in research, and refuse student care providers

- ensure that your end-of-life choices are known (DNR, etc.)

- privacy

- be an active participant in your care and discharge

- access to your medical records (do not rely on the portal); if you are being dc from a hospital, ask to get paper copies before discharge that includes, x-ray impressions, and CDs

- receive an itemized bill and challenge unexpected charges

- **Make complaints without the fear of reprisals, and the provider must address your concerns in writing

- authorize family members and others that can visit

- make known your wishes for anatomical gifts (organ donation)

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