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Pfizer Loses Appeal Over Heart Failure Medicine Co Pays

While I'm not a #bigpharma fan, this is a big problem.  #Cardiologists have told Pfizer that their drug for #chf is not affordable and therefore patients can't access it and ultimately die.

Pfizer does offer assistance if you meet their need and financial guidelines.  Losing this decision is the courts way to push the high expense to the government and the tax payers and I'd imagine remove Pfizers ability to write off the #expense.   

A family member waited 4 months to be approved for this medicine because he was wrongly diagnosed until he went to a #chf specialist.  Pfizer supports $225,000 annual cost by defining that amyloid cardiomyopathy (“ATTR-CM”), as a rare condition that causes the heart to stiffen, impedes blood flow and can lead to progressive heart failure.

Specialty Cardiologists have said that it is not rare just under diagnosed.  This is a loss for any patient currently taking or needing this medicine. 

NEW YORK, July 25 (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Monday rejected Pfizer Inc’s challenge to a U.S. anti-kickback law that the drugmaker said prevented it from helping heart failure patients, many with low incomes, afford drugs that cost $225,000 a year.

In a 3-0 decision, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Pfizer’s effort to directly cover co-pays for patients taking its #Vyndaqel and #Vyndamax drugs.

The court agreed with a lower court judge that Pfizer’s Direct #Copay Assistance Program violated a ban on “knowingly or willfully” providing financial support to induce federally reimbursable drug purchases, even absent corrupt intent. #chf #medicine #eldercare #congestiveheartfailure #healthcare #prescriptiondrugs

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Jul 27, 2022

This is what happens when Big Pharma is allowed to get too big. People die, for profits. It's all about money to them, it's the only thing keeping them going... It's what got Kennedy killed, because he wanted to completely overhaul the FDA. This power struggle must end, if us little people can ever have a chance.

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