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Prolonged Grief Disorder

I #blogged about the addition of #prolongedgriefdisorder last month when the #APA announced the upcoming changes in the #DSMV-TR. I can tell you with 100% certainty I had this after my Mom passed. I still have some of the symptoms, but you learn to cope and live again. I think this is NOT an exhaustive list, but this is how we diagnose mental illness. I look at the addition as a win because #grief is not cut and dry as academia teaches us.

Here is a video overview

Some of the symptoms of #prolongedgriefdisorder are:

Identity disruption (e.g., feeling as though part of oneself has died). Marked sense of disbelief about the death. Avoidance of #reminders that the person is dead. Intense emotional pain (e.g., anger, #bitterness, sorrow) related to the death. Difficulty with #reintegration (e.g., problems engaging with friends, pursuing interests, planning for the future). Emotional #numbness. Feeling that life is meaningless. Intense loneliness (i.e., feeling alone or #detached from others)


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