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When Work Weighs You Down, Take a ‘Sad Day 'Here's how to protect your mental health

This is spot on but unfortunately many employees that are in high pressure jobs burn out before they will take time off for #mentalhealth. 👇🏼 After my Mom passed away I was given many opportunities to take time because my employer saw a walking mess. Because they were so supportive during her illness I felt I owed them to be in the office. It was a huge mistake as I was down to a size 0, had severe acute depression, anxiety and ptsd. My head wasn't in the game and I really didn't care. I was angry at the world. 👇🏼 I have a chapter in my upcoming book #notinvainapromisekept dedicated to my #selfsabotage. Don't be a hero, especially if you have a supportive employer. 👇🏼 #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #selfcare #stress #jobs #worklifebalance #depression #meds #ptsd #grief #wellbeing #health #workplacehealth #mentalhealthmatters

Source: NY Times

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