8/2/22 podcast with Tayala Dendy Cancer and the Healthcare System Through the Eyes of a Daughter, Caregiver, and.....

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What do you do when your loved one gets diagnosed with cancer?

What are some best practices that you can do to try to reduce medical mistakes?


My Story

I had a lot of jobs in life starting at the age of 14.  I filled grocery bags, played the drums in an all-girl heavy metal thrash band, sold lottery tickets, got a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, worked in a psychiatric emergency room, led various non-profit events, and ran group therapy.  I settled in corporate America as a Domestic Operations Manager for just shy of 20 years in a profession that had nothing to do with my degree, traveling the country in limousines, airplanes and did a lot of fine dining.  Sounds important, right?  Or dysfunctional, you pick. 

Me, My Dog and a Sheep


Based on a true story, and featuring boldly drawn illustrations by Andrew Thomas, “Me, My Dog and a Sheep” author Melissa Mullamphy describes the love, grit, and determination her family experienced during Grizzy’s journey and highlights the bond between a boy and his dog.