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Melissa Mullamphy has learned firsthand the devastating consequences of medical mistakes in healthcare. She not only experienced them herself, but her parents also fell victim to grave and inexcusable errors and negligence, resulting in their suffering. After penning "Not in Vain, A Promise Kept," a memoir turned international bestseller, Melissa's mission had only just begun. Little did she anticipate encountering gross negligence during her father's final days, but sadly, it occurred. Now, through Find Your Why, LLC, Melissa has set her sights on monumental goals, unwavering in her determination to spare others from enduring the same harrowing experiences she and her family endured. She will empower you with the tools to advocate for your own well-being and your loved ones.  


By default, you will become an integral part of the patient team. You will have a voice, empowering you to understand your rights and avoid becoming a victim of a burdened and flawed system.


Melissa Mullamphy is a masters-level psychologist, a health care expert and advocate, and a critically-acclaimed author. Always busy, ever searching for ways to improve and to help others, she received her Master’s degree in counseling psychology. Working in a psychiatric emergency room, leading various non-profit events, and running group therapy sessions gave her an insider’s view of the health care system—and the failings in how it was run (not to mention the pay scale) finally turned her to the corporate world.

Working as a Domestic Operations Manager for one of Warren Buffet’s firms, she spent the next two decades traveling the country in limousines and airplanes, enjoying fine dining, and “becoming a

responsible adult.” All of which came to a screeching halt when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, thrusting her back into the world of health care—on the other side of the equation.

Caring for her mother through her terminal illness, Mullamphy got an up-close view of the failings and bad practices of the medical system. She saw evil in the neglectful and incompetent people skimming along within a healthcare structure that preferred almost everything over the patients and witnessed heroism in good people trying their best to help in a system they knew was hopelessly broken.



Me, My Dog and a Sheep

Based on a true story, and featuring boldly drawn illustrations by Andrew Thomas, “Me, My Dog and a Sheep” author Melissa Mullamphy describes the love, grit, and determination her family experienced during Grizzy’s journey and highlights the bond between a boy and his dog. 

Not In Vain A Promise Kept

While we waited for what was supposed to be a 24-hour biopsy turned into a four-day wait, nothing could have braced us for what came next. A nurse casually walked into my Mom’s room wearing what looked like nuclear fallout gear, dragging multiple yellow liquid IV bags and saying, “Hello Ms. Burns, I’m here with your chemotherapy to treat your cancer.” She had no accurate diagnosis, no doctor explanation, no staging or prognosis.

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You’ve done a really good job here writing out this promise to your mother, and I think people will really get out of it what you hope they will: the tools to help them in this kind of fraught time, and perhaps the gumption to fight and do things about it, like you and your family did.


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